Monobloc Aerosol Can Line

Lacquer Machine

This machine Lacquer varnishes the inner walls of Cans with spray guns. The machine is equipped with two Spray Guns for Double Spray. Lacquer Machine is vertically design in 16 cups turret. An exhauster is fitted in the machine for the exhaustion of the Superfluous Spray clouds. This part of the Machine is entirely protected by sheet walls coming up to the outer edge of the Turn Table.

The Spray Guns are fixed on a vertical sledge moving rhythmically up and down. The Spray Guns only works when Compressed Air is led to them. The Compressed Air feed can be regulated by air valve. The opening of this valve brings air to the Spray Guns even when the Machine itself is not working. This is necessary to adjust the Spraying duration in according with length of the Cans. Spray for different Cans lengths are achieved with adjustable on-off timer. No Cans no spray operation After the first Coating of Lacquering is dry, and the second Coat is then sprayed as well the Cans is then taken out for Drying of the Lacquer Cans to be fed in the Drying Oven for the Drying of Cans. Feeding and take out of Cans is done manually in vertical design.

Sr. Nos.Technical Data
1Min. & Max. Dia. Lacquer Cans Size25mm to 66mm
2Speed Per Min Can60
3Motors1HP & 0.5HP
5Spray Gun2 Guns
6Approx. Height1800mm
7Approx. Width1200mm
8Approx. Weight1000Kgs