Monobloc Aerosol Can Line

Automatic Single Brushing Machine

Brushing machine is made very compact and sturdy in Construction. This machine gives texture finish on outer diameter of aerosol cans with wire brush. This machine is manufactured in 6 stations turret with manifold indexer mechanism with expansion mandrels or normal mandrels as per client requirement. In this machine cans are auto feed by pusher feed mechanism and unfeed by air blow. There is separate mandrel drive motor, separate brush motor, main motor & suction blower is given for feed wedge, scrap & dust collector of cans while brushing.

Sr. Nos.Technical Data
1Brushing Min. & Max. Dia. Cans Size35mm to 66mm
2Cans Length Maximum250mm
3Speed Per Min Cans60
4Main Motor with gear box3HP
5Approx. Height1500mm
6Approx. Width1200mm
7Approx. Length1200mm
8Approx. Weight1200Kgs