Aluminium Collapsible Tube Line

Drying Oven

The Drying Ovens are specially designed for the Drying of Coated and Printed Tubes. Coating Tubes need more Temperature for drying. The smoke created damages the high gloss of Printing and Coating Finishing on the Tubes, so the other Drying Oven is used for Printed Tubes in which you need less temperature. The machine is designed with Two Drying Ovens for Printing and Coating Machine. The high gloss finish can be obtained only by two separate Drying Ovens. These ovens are designed in auto combustion gas fired unit as well in electric heaters as per client requirement.

Sr. Nos.Technical Data
1Capacity of Machine12mm to 35mm
2Length of Drying Tube190mm
3Speed Per Min Tube60
4Main Motor1HP
5Machine Height1400mm approx.
6Machine Width800mm approx.
7Machine Length3000mm approx.
8Machine Weight800Kgs approx.
9Temperature Up to200 Degrees C approx.