Aluminium Collapsible Tube Line

Latex Machine

This machine is used for internal bottom gumming of tube for airtight sealing after filling & packaging. It helps to prevent damage of product. It is applied through centrifugal spray gun rotary motion at high rpm to deposit a band of thick latex. Width of latex can be varied with cam motion & sensor controls. Machine is equipped with no tube no latex, indexing turret, a vacuum holding drum for tubes. Spray gun can be adjusted for quantity of deposit. A latex tank is provided for supply to spray gun under pressure.

Sr. Nos.Technical Data
1Speed Piece Per Minute60
2Motor for Gun Rotary0.25HP
3Motor for Turbine Blower0.5HP
4Main Motor1HP
5Approx. Height6ft
6Approx. Width500mm
7Approx. Length600mm
8Approx. Weight500Kgs